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Red Shadow: Part 1

The Mentalist/The Sarah Jane Adventures
Script format


(Opening scene is an professional looking building. A young woman comes out of a room starts

heading upstairs. There is a sound from the shadows. The woman turns.)

Woman: Hello? Anyone there?

(No answer. The woman looks a bit more then turns and starts walking away. Another noise causes him

to turn. Close up shot of woman's face. Woman screams. Opening credits for The Sarah Jane

Adventures.)(Commercial break.)

Act 1:

(Clyde comes running into Sarah Jane's house, looking ecstatic. Sarah Jane, Luke, and Rani are in the

front room. Clyde runs in and hands Sarah Jane a paper.)

Clyde: Look what I just won!

(Sarah Jane reading from the paper.)

Sarah Jane: A two week long trip to California, paid for by Imaginative Art magazine. Well Clyde, well

done. What did you do?

Clyde: They had a create your own alien contest. I sent in one of my drawings and I won!

(Clyde hands Sarah Jane a magazine with the drawing on the last page. The body shape is human but

it is blue and the head looks metallic. There is only one long finger on each hand and the head has

thick dreadlocks hanging down. The alien is smiling happily and he is wearing a red jumpsuit. He has

a childish face.)

Sarah Jane: Well done, Clyde!

Rani: That's really good!

Clyde: Well, I don't have a shortage of inspiration, do I?

Luke: (Smiling.) Good job, mate. When are you going?

Clyde (Taking the paper back from Sarah Jane.): We are going next week. It's a trip for four.

Rani: We can come? You're inviting us?

(Clyde nodded.)

Sarah Jane: Thank you, Clyde. Are you sure?

(Clyde nodded.)

Clyde: Positive.

(Eight days later.)

(Now inside Sarah Jane's house.)

Sarah Jane: Come on, Luke. We'll miss the plane.

(Luke comes running down the stairs.)

Luke: Are Clyde and Rani here yet?

Sarah Jane: No, not yet.

Clyde (Voice coming from front door): Yes we are.

Sarah Jane (Turning toward Clyde and Rani): There you are. Come help me get the bags in the car, will


Rani (Picking up the bags by the door.): I promised Mum and Dad that I would go say goodbye again

before we go.

(Jump to outside when all the bags are in the car and Rani is hugging her mum.)

Gita: Call us when you get there, alright?

Rani (Smiling.): Mum, It'll be almost four in the morning for you.

Suresh (Coming forward to hug Rani too.): It'll be four for you too.

Rani (Grimacing): I know. I'll be a zombie. (Getting into the car with Luke and Clyde.) See you soon.

Gita: Call anyway.

Rani: Alright. Talk to you soon.

Sarah Jane (Smiling at Rani's parents.): Don't worry, I'll look after her. (Gets into the car. Rani's

parents wave as Sarah Jane drives away.)

(Now in an alleyway. There is a dead man lying on the ground and there are police and crime scene

tapes surrounding the scene. Jane is crouching down next to the man, smelling him. Lisbon is watching


Lisbon: Never had anything like this before. There's almost no blood in him. Completely drained.

Well? Got anything?

Jane (Standing up.): Yep, I think so.

Lisbon (Impatiently.): Well?

Jane: He was a smoker but he was trying to stop. Nicotine gum in his mouth, but he must have been

under stress of some kind because he smells of recent smoke. Maybe he came out here to have a smoke


Lisbon: But, there's no cigarette.

Jane (Looking around the scene.): Exactly. No cigarette, no lighter . There aren't even any matches. He

doesn't have a very high-paying job. I'm guessing he's a caretaker in a nearby building or something

similar. He works with his hands a lot, broken nails, rough palms. He's recently divorced. (Lisbon looks

confused and is about to interrupt but Jane puts his hand up to stop her and points to man's hand.)

Jane: There's a mark where a wedding ring used to be on his ring finger. It's been  removed in the past

few weeks. The mark hasn't faded yet and the ring marked his skin.

Lisbon: Maybe he was having an affair. He would have taken his ring off then.

(Jane smiles and shakes his head. Cho walks over.)

Cho: We have an ID on the victim. His name is Ethan Moore. 42. No family. Parents both dead. He

recently divorced about two weeks ago. No kids. His daughter died as a child. (Points toward building

on the left.) He was a janitor for this building. Worked there for about 16 years. His boss filed a missing

person report three days ago.

(Jane raised his eyebrows at Lisbon at the divorce part and she rolls her eyes.)

Lisbon: Alright. Cho, find Rigsby. You two go and talk to his boss. (Turns to Jane.) Jane, you coming?

Jane: Where are we going?

Lisbon: We're going to talk to the ex-wife. She might be able to tell us if he was acting strange last time

she saw him.

(Jane heads toward the car.)

Jane: Ok, but I'm driving.

Lisbon (She starts running toward the car): Not a chance!

(Mentalist titles.)

End of Act One.
Yes, I know, these shows don't really go together but... it's fun to write the crossover. :P Yay! I don't normally write in script format.
torchwood456789 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012
They absolutely go together!!
Silvershank Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you! :D
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